Welcome to ICCSA 2021

Dear ICCSA 2021 participants,

 Whether you’re participating online or coming to Cagliari, we welcome you at ICCSA 2021 and hope you have a pleasant and successful conference.

 We want to spend some words about the organisation of the conference and give you some last-minute updates.


First of all, we’re happy to announce that the LNCS proceedings have been published and are available for download in your personal area of the registration site.


 We hope you have had the chance to check out the general conference programme. From there you can access the detailed programme with all the parallel sessions and papers presented.


All the presentations will take place in the blended form, with possibility of in-presence and online presentation. In the detailed programme, together with the time slots, session chairs, and the names of the technical assistants, you will be able to find the physical room where the sessions will take place as well as the link to the respective online virtual room on our Jitsi platform.


For the online presenters and participants, we have prepared a brief “how-to” guide with instructions on our online platform.

 For the in-presence participants, it’s just the usual stuff, just show up in the designated room, where the room assistants and session chairs will take care of running the session. If you’re presenting, make sure to be there 15 minutes before the session start to check and transfer your presentation to the room’s PC.


All the sessions will also be streamed on YouTube, the links to the streams are available in the detailed programme. If you’re not presenting nor planning to participate in the discussion, we recommend that you watch the sessions on YouTube to reduce the “overcrowding” of the Jitsi online rooms.


For the in-presence participants, as you might have read in the general programme, there will be no in situ coffee breaks. Instead, you will receive vouchers upon registration to be spent in your spare time in the nearby bar (“Web Cafè”, just outside the campus’ main entrance).

 To know you whereabouts, we have also prepared an ICCSA2021 Map of Cagliari. Check it out!


 You have probably seen that we have secured a formidable line-up of keynote speakers for this year's conference. We will have three keynote lectures:

  • Paul Dumouchel
    "Embodying Artificial Intelligence: Robots, Apps and Humans"
    13 September 2021

  • Sumi Helal
    "Digital Health: Back to the Future"
    14 September 2021

  • Shirin Faraji
    "Databased accelerated on-the-fly hybrid quantum/classical dynamics"
    15 September 2021

All keynote addresses will be streamed live on ICCSA Youtube channel, the links to the streams are already available at the keynote speakers page.

 * * *

After this general information, let us focus on the first day, Monday 13 September.

As you can see in the general programme, we start at 9:00 with parallel sessions running up to 12:45.

The lunch break is from 12:45 to 14:15. The lunch will be served in the university canteen in a nearby building (see the Map).

Following is the plenary session, starting at 14:15 in the Aula Magna of the Campus. A brief opening ceremony will be followed by the first keynote address, "Embodying Artificial Intelligence: Robots, Apps and Humans" by Paul Dumouchel.

After that, the afternoon parallel sessions will follow, from 16:30 to 18:30.

Finally, the day will end with the Welcome reception from 19:00 organised in the Castello neighbourhood (see the Map). It takes a pleasant and panoramic 15-minutes stroll to get there from the conference venue.


Alright, that should be all for now.

We’re happy to see and welcome you soon at ICCSA2021!


ICCSA2021 Organising Committee.

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