Registration Info

The Registration to the Conference is mandatory to be enabled to attend the Virtual Sessions and to have the accepted Paper included in the published Conference Proceedings. To this end it is mandatory to complete the registration process and the Payment of the registration fee by July 19th, 2021. Please follow the instructions herein described:

  1. For registering to the conference, you must follow the link shown in your home page of the Electronic Submission System, the same used for submitting the paper(s) (if you haven't used it before, please register to the portal following the indication shown in the login page and after having logged in, proceed with the registration to the ICCSA 2021 Conference).
  2. If you are an author of paper(s), you are kindly requested to pay attention to specify the paper(s) ID and title (i.e.: 100 - My paper title). as shown in your web page in the Electronic Submission System

    Each Registrant is allowed to specify up to 3 paper(s), the first is included in the registration fee, the additional paper(s) are charged 150€ each. After having completed the registration procedure, you must proceed with the Payment according to the chosen method (Credit Card or Wire Transfer). At the bottom of the summary page received after having submitted the registration info clicking on the button Submit data for registering to ICCSA 2021 you will see a button for proceeding with the Credit Card payment or the instructions for making the Bank Wire Transfer payment.

  3. For participants who want to pay by Bank Wire Transfer, please send your payment As Soon As Possible as it takes some time to process the payment. Your payment should be received by us on or before the registration deadline. Bank Wire Transfer and other related fees have to be paid by the registrant (please verify carefully during the Wire Transfer payment that all costs are charged to you). Failure to pay the required amount on this date will result in the exclusion of the paper(s) from the Conference Proceedings.
  4. The Credit Card payment is available and is the preferred method *no errors are possible identifying the registrant*). After you registered specifying as preferred method the payment via Credit Card, you'll be able to see the following images and the button at the bottom of the summary page related to the registration:

Click on the button Proceed with the payment through SOAR Secure Server and you'll be directed to the Gateway for the Credit Card transaction.

Conference Fees

ICCSA 2021 registration fees are different depending on whether you register for the virtual event or the in-person event.

 Virtual Conference

In the case of the Virtual Conference the registration fee covers:

  • attendance of Conference Delegates to the Sessions of the Virtual Conference
  • Free access to the Proceeding Volumes Set


ICCSA 2021 Virtual Conference fee is 150€.

Each additional paper will be charged 150€.

In-presence Conference

ICCSA 2021 conference fees cover:

  • attendance of Conference Delegates to the Sessions of the Conference
  • Conference bag and material
  • Free access to the Proceeding Volumes Set
  • all Conference Lunches
  • all Coffee Breaks
  • Welcome Reception
  • Banquet Dinner
  • Conference Tour(s)


In-presence ICCSA 2021 conference fees are as follows:

  Before reg. deadline After reg. deadline
Regular registration 520 € 570 €
Student registration 340 € 390 €
Workshop Chair registration 315 € 365 €
Accompanying Person* (up to 3) 120 € 170€
Additional paper/poster (up to 2) 150 € 150 €
Additional Welcome Reception** 20 € 20 €
Additional Banquet Dinner** 50 € 70 €
Additional Half Day Tour Tickets** 50 € 60 €

* The accompanying person fee is for non-academic participants (spouses, kids) who are not paper co-authors and enables them to participate in Welcome Reception, Banquet Dinner, Guided Bus Tour(s). Conference attendance, lunches and coffee breaks are not included in the accompanying person fee.
** Subject to availability, on a first-come first-served basis, with conference organizer permission. 

Notes (read carefully):

1) IEEE Members will get a discount of 10€ if they will input the IEEE Membership number in the proper input field of the registration form.

2) For each Accepted Paper, one author must register, pay the registration fee, and  present the paper, virtually or in presence, in the conference session where the paper is scheduled. A detailed Program with the associated links for connecting to the virtual session rooms will be published before the event.

2) Once the registration payment is done, NO REFUND is available.

By Credit Card (on-Line)

From your personal page on the Electronic Submission System,, press the button which invites you to register to the Conference. Visa and Master Card credit cards are allowed through the PayWay Secure Service.


By Wire Transfer

NAME OF THE BANK: Crediumbria Banca di Credito Cooperativo

BANK ADDRESS: Via Stradone, Località Moiano, 06062 Città della Pieve - PG (Italy)
ACCOUNT HOLDER: The International Conference On Computational Science and Its Applications
Via Mazzini 89/A, 85100 Potenza (PZ), Italy
Fiscal ID: IT 


IBAN: IT28F0707538380000000008028

Please specify in the MEMO LINE the following: NAME SURNAME  ICCSA 2021 Registration
Replace NAME and SURNAME with your full name. In case administrative people will issue the payment, make clear they have to conform to the above syntax. This is crucial in order to have your payment properly traced, since some banks cut the string to a small number of characters!!!!


1) The bank wire transfer and other related fees have to be paid by the participant.

2) After sending your registration payment by bank wire transfer, scan the bank receipt and attach the PDF file in an email to:


Subject: Payment NAME SURNAME(Note: Fill in NAME SURNAME with your full name, so that we will be able to monitor your payment with your registration entry).

Note: To facilitate the acknowledgment of bank wire transfer payment, be sure to provide your complete name, details of amount paid, and other applicable information. Insufficient information causes delay and problems.